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​Estawood 4mm insert panels are designed for sliding wardrobe door systems. Suitable for either aluminium or timber tracking.​

Estawood 4mm Insert Panel    -    Estawood Frameless 26mm Door

Stock Sizes

2040 H - 690, 820, 920, 1080 1220 W

2360 H - 690, 820, 920 W

2400 H - 1080, 1220 W (Estawood Frameless is only 1200 W)

Estawood 4mm Insert Panel:

Estawood 4mm insert panels are a aluminium framed door similar to a aluminium framed mirror door. Enabling them to match with a framed mirror door, in combinations of 2, 3, or more doors.

Estawood Frameless 26mm Door:
All frameless doors are made to the required finished size (made to measure).  Frameless Estawood 26mm door is a frameless door with no aluminium frame, flat back, fitted with optional flush pull handles.


  • Retail customers:  for full service and installation, please contact us

  • Builders, DIY and renovation customers: for custom kit supply, contact us with measurements.

  • Dealers: for panel and door pricing, contact us

  • Import / Export customers: please contact us regarding quantities and rates

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