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Estawood 4mm Insert Panel     -     Estawood Frameless 26mm Door

Federation style homes are a corner stone of house design around the world.  Popular in the past and present and whether or not your home is modern or classic, you can change the design of your home.

Out of the necessity was born the Estawood four panel federation insert panel door.

Doors of yesteryear were crafted originally from timber.  Today we emulate those traditional designs using polyester materials which provide an exceptional depth of detail which is unsurpassed.  The high quality standard and craftmanship used to produce Austech Door Panels and Doors and the use of quality materials all combine to bring you a stylish door to enhance your home.  By selecting an Austech door or panel, you can be assured that the use of high tech modern materials and the innovation of door reproduction, quality and craftmanship combine to bring you the best value for your money.  

A 10 year guarantee is achieved by our use of the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques therefore assuring you of true value.

  • Raised four panel federation style panel / door

  • Embossed timber grain

  • Semi gloss finish

  • Colours: White Birch and Arctic White

  • Panels are prefinished and never need painting 

  • Light weight

  • Tough finish damage resistant

  • Can be used in wet areas including laundry and pool areas.

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Estawood Doors and Panels
Estawood Doors and Panels
Estawood Doors and Panels
Estawood Doors and Panels
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